Welcome to the Everett Sportsmen Club!

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Welcome to the Everett Sportsmen Club!

Check here for the latest news and happenings at the range. Be sure to check back often in case there are any updates or weather-related closures.

Weather and Closure Information
July 31, 2014 - Hours are Noon to 5 PM.

Friday: Range OPEN (Rangemaster Jim N.) Friday's have been designated by the Board of Directors as "Workparty Days" until further notice. We will open the gate for work and cleanup only at 8AM for our volunteer members to help. No Shooting nor setup will begin before our regular Noon opening. Please join us on Friday to help keep our club moving forward.

Saturday: Range OPEN (Rangemaster Joe M.)

Sunday: Range OPEN (Rangemaster Steve A.)

-We operate on a Cash only basis. Please, NO $50 or $100 bills we can only work with small bills...Thanks.

Watch this Website for Openings. I am trying my best to get the range staffed for all three days, each and every week.

- Club Meeting will be held this coming Sat Aug 2nd@ 5PM at the Range. Hope to see participation of our members. See you there.

Membership: Speak to the Rangemaster. We do not sign-up members outright for our club. You must shoot with us as a public shooter until we get to know you, then we make a decision on you joining the club, based on your safety record and time spent on the range as well as your volunteer efforts to keeping the club viable.

NOTE: We do NOT Sell Firearms or Ammunition, nor rent guns. Please bring your Eye and Ear protection as well.

NOTE: We do not allow animals on the property (even in your car) for their protection.

News and Announcements
May 15, 2014 -

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